Risen landscape

Hi, my name is Chris. And here's my story of how I became a Christian. The age of 15, I decided to become a Christian. And what led up to that was quite an extraordinary story. I wasn't brought up in a Christian home. In fact, we didn't ever go to church, I may maybe remember the odd Christmas, but never really attending church never understood what that was all about, to be honest. And, in fact, life at home was really quite difficult. My parents got divorced when I was two, I spent a year or so in a children's home, which was obviously a really awful experience as a sort of six year old. When I came out of children's home, my mum had a really violent boyfriend who was addicted to drink. And so life at home was chaotic and full of violence, and, and difficulty. And then, when I was about 11, my mum found out that I could go to boarding school, and it would be paid for by the government because my biological father was in the army. So it meant that I could go there for free. And so to try and remove ME from the chaos at home, my mum sent me off to boarding school. And it went well for a while. But eventually that kind of the difficulties that I'd been through, and also the rejection. I just became a really angry kid. And I didn't really care about the consequences of things. And so I got into drink. And I was dabbling in drugs. I was looking into the occult. And I just felt really worthless and powerless and wanted something in my life to give meaning. And this led to me breaking out of boarding school one night breaking into a local shop. And I got arrested. And I also got expelled from boarding school in the same night, can you imagine? And so my mum came to pick me up. But shortly before that, my mum and my stepdad had become Christians. And they are talking about Jesus, talking about all the wonderful things that he done. But to me, it just didn't make any sense. I had no idea how someone who lived 2000 years ago could make a difference in my life. But when she came to pick ME up, I realised that Jesus had made a difference in her life, the way that she spoke to me the love that she showed me. And so I went to church. And one night I heard the story of Jesus and I realised that he had died for me. And I gave my life to him that evening. And the difference its made in my life is just amazing. I live with a sense of peace and knowledge that I'm loved by God that I'm his child, and that he's for me, and he's always with me.