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James and John, sons of Zebedee, approached Jesus and said, "Teacher, will you do a favour for us?" "What is it you're wanting me to do?" he asked. "We want to sit next to you when you come into your glory," they said, "one at your right hand and the other at your left." Jesus said to them, "You don't have a clue what you're asking for! Are you prepared to drink from the cup of suffering that I am about to drink? And are you able to endure the baptism into death that I am about to experience?" They replied, "Yes, we are able." Jesus said to them, "You will certainly drink from the cup of sufferings and be immersed into my death, but to have you sit in the position of highest honour is not mine to decide. It is reserved for those whom grace has prepared them to have it." Now the other 10 disciples overhead this, and they became angry and began to criticize James and John. Jesus gathered them all together and said to them, "Those recognised as rulers of the people and those who are in top leadership positions rule oppressively over their subjects, but this is not the example you are to follow. You are to lead by a different model. If you want to be the greatest one, then live as one called to serve others. The path to promotion and prominence comes by having the heart of a bond-slave who serves everyone. For even the Son of Man did not come expecting to be served by everyone, but to serve everyone, and to give his life as the ransom price in exchange for the salvation of many."

— Mark 10:35-45.

rode with the general in combat, cantered off on diplomatic missions, dealt with bull headed generals, sorted through intelligence, interrogated deserters, and negotiated prisoner exchanges.

— Ron Chernow, “Alexander Hamilton”, p90

…May they never lead the nation wrongly through love of power, desire to please, or unworthy ideals but laying aside all private interests and prejudices keep in mind their responsibility to seek to improve the condition of all mankind…

— House of Commons Prayer