Wdtbsa new beginnings9 Jan 2022
What Does The Bible Say About New Beginnings?Matt Edmundson

Many of us take the new year to think about changes that we want to make to our lives. But what about when we need more than just a change, but we need a new beginning, we need to start over? What does the Bible say about beginning again? Does it have examples of new beginnings that can help us?

Promises2 Jan 2022
New Year ReflectionJohn Farrington

During the Christmas break, we are pausing and taking a few weeks to reflect on the Christmas season. This week John reflects on the Promises of God at a time when we usually make New Year's Resolutions.

Purpose Meaning26 Dec 2021
Christmas ReflectionJohn Farrington

During the Christmas break, we are pausing and taking a few weeks to reflect on the Christmas season. This week Sadaf looks at the Legend of the Three Trees and reflects on finding meaning and purpose for our lives.

Wdtbsa christmas 119 Dec 2021
What Does The Bible Say About Christmas?John Harding

With Christmas just around the corner, we look at what the Bible really does have to say about Christmas and how it's not the same as what some of our traditions tell us! There are going to be a few surprises in this one so come and join the conversation, it will be great to see you! And merry Christmas!

Wdtbsa angels12 Dec 2021
What Does The Bible Say About Angels?John Farrington

It's coming up to Christmas, and angels seem to play a big part in the Christmas story so this week we look at what does the Bible say about Angels? Who are they and want is their purpose? Are they even real? All great questions...so come and join in the conversation.

Wdtbsa money28 Nov 2021
What Does The Bible Say About Money & Work?James Sloan

What does the Bible Say about money and work? This week, James and Hannah share their thoughts around this topic and ask questions like what should I do with my money? Can I work too hard? It's a big topic, so come and join in the conversation.

Wdtbsa marriage21 Nov 2021
What Does The Bible Say About Marriage & Relationships?John Harding

This week, we look at what the Bible says about marriage and relationships. This topic of relationships is hugely emotive. We can experience all sorts of pain in our relationships and all kinds of joy. So this week, we look at how our relationship with God shapes our relationships with people. We look at some of the wrong ideas taught about relationships and marriage and what the Bible has to say about singleness.

Remembrance Day14 Nov 2021
Remembrance Day Service 2021John Farrington

Join us in our Crowd Church Remembrance Day Service (Veterans Day/Poppy Day) to honour armed forces members who have died in the line of duty.

Wdtbsa science24 Oct 2021
What Does The Bible Say About Science?John Farrington

Dr Will Sopwith looks at the two huge topics of faith and science and asks what, if anything, does the Bible have to say about science? He also will look at if science and faith can co-exist? And, why do some people think that they are opposed to each other.

Wdtbsa anxiety17 Oct 2021
What Does The Bible Say About Anxiety?Sharon Edmundson

We're following our new series and this week we're discussing 'What does the Bible say about anxiety?' We'll be hearing from Sharon as she shares some of her own stories and how she handles her anxieties.

Wdtbsa ME10 Oct 2021
What Does The Bible Say About Me?Matt Edmundson

Have you ever wondered what the Bible has to say about you? Who does God say I am? What does God think about me? And why does it matter? In this week's Livestream we are going to answer these questions and more!

Wdtbsa the afterlife3 Oct 2021
What Does The Bible Say About The Afterlife?John Farrington

What does the Bible say about the afterlife? Today we start a new series called "What does the bible say about..." and we dig into the Bible to see if has answers to key questions we face in life. Today we talk about the afterlife, around the topic of heaven and what happens when we die?

Does god heal today19 Sep 2021
Does God Heal Today?Matt Edmundson

Does God still heal us today? Or is this something that you only read about in the gospels? On this week's Livestream, we tackle the topic head-on. We hear stories from people that have experienced God's healing and also from those who haven't yet been healed by God.

Dave C5 Sep 2021
How Do I Resist Evil?Dave Connolly

Dealing with evil. That's this week's topic. This week we ask how can we chat through the idea of evil. Is evil real? Does satan or the devil exist? And how can i resist that evil? What are the signs of evil? In this week's Alpha talk we get to tackle what can be quite a tricky topic for many people.

Untitled 00125 Jul 2021
Why And How Do I Pray?Matt Edmundson

It's week five of our Alpha series and we're asking the questions like How and Why do we pray. Prayer is normal for a lot of people, even those that don't really have a faith but why do we do it? We'll be hearing from some friends who will be sharing their experiences of prayer and how this builds their relationship with God.

Being christian large18 Jul 2021
How Can I Have Faith?Matt Edmundson

This week we are looking at the evidence for believing in Christianity. It's week 4 of our Alpha series, and Matt takes the perspective of a person who has decided to believe the claims of Christianity and asks "How can I be sure they I made the right decision?" If you have been a Christian for a while, or if you are just exploring the Christian faith - this will be a great livestream to explore some of life's more meaningful questions.

Why Does It Matter large11 Jul 2021
Why Did Jesus Die?Matt Edmundson

This week, Pete looks at one of the most asked questions about the Christian faith - why do we always talk about the death of Christ? Why is it so important that He was hung on a cross? Why do Christians wear a cross around their neck? Isn't it all a bit morbid? Or is there more to it than that?

Missed The Grade 202113 Jun 2021
Missed The Grade?James Sloan

James looks at the story of Matthew, and how this was the last guy you'd choose to have on your team. He didn't meet the grade. So how did Jesus treat him? And what are the lessons we can learn today?

2122 Can I Get A Miracle large6 Jun 2021
Can I get a Miracle?Sally Burch

Sally looks at a story in the Gospel where Jesus heals two women and asks are Miracles still for us today? We also get to hear Jemma's story of what happened when her new baby was diagnosed with a serious illness.

The Funeralof Jesus lg9 May 2021
The Burial of Jesus and why it is ImportantMatt Edmundson

Come and join this week's CROWD Church Livestream as Will takes a look at the burial of Jesus and unpacks why this is important.

End Of J Esus large2 May 2021
Why did Jesus have to Die?Anna Grace Farrington

But why are Christians so fixated on the death of Christ? Isn't it all just a bit...well..gruesome? That's what Anna Grace and the team are getting into this week on the Crowd Chruch Livestream

18 Apr 2021
Can People Pleasing Ruin Your Life? Why Approval Addiction is a Challenge for us allMatt Edmundson

We are looking at the trial of Jesus and see how people pleasing pleasing caused men to abandon their values, destroyed the leadership of one man and caused hundreds of people to be manipulated in to doing stuff that was fundamentally wrong.

4 Apr 2021
The Empty Tomb - and why it still matters.Matt Edmundson

In a short message, Matt will be unpicking the story of the first Easter, when two ladies called Mary and Mary went to visit the tomb of Jesus only to find it empty. We look at the extraordinary events that followed and ask how it impacts us today.

14 Mar 2021
Faith and Motherhood. Does it make a difference?Sally Burch

Faith and motherhood. Do these two things mix? Does faith make a difference to being a Mum? What about when things go wrong? Here are the stories from everyday Mum's and their journeys of faith and motherhood.

Deadling With Difficult People large1 Nov 2020
How to deal with difficult People | Mark 11:27-33Matt Edmundson

Have you ever had to deal with difficult people? They look to build themselves up at your expense, maybe even ridicule you. They are ... well, just plain old difficult to deal with. Well, you are not alone. Jesus had the exact same problem. So how does He deal with them, and what can we learn from that? What can we learn about how to deal with criticism, how to deal with haters and how to deal with difficult people?

Bestwaytopray large18 Oct 2020
Overcoming Adversity Part 3 - The secret to getting prayer answered? | Mark 11:20-26Matt Edmundson

Overcoming adversity - part 3. When it comes to overcoming adversity, we often find ourselves praying and asking God for help. But does that make sense? Does God even care about my prayers? Does He even listen? And if He hears me - will he actually do anything? This week we take a look at what Jesus says about prayer, and how we can know what God's plan for our lives is.

In Denial Overcoming Obstacles 2 Large11 Oct 2020
Overcoming Adversity Part 2 - Face the truth and stop living in denial | Mark 11:20-26Matt Edmundson

Overcoming adversity - part 2. If positive thinking isn't the answer (what we talked about last week), then what is? What is Jesus' strategy for overcoming adversity and obstacles? This week we carry on looking at Mark 11, where Jesus tells about mountain-moving faith...but it's not what you'd expect!

Just Be Positive large4 Oct 2020
Overcoming Adversity Part 1 - Why the power of positive thinking isn't that powerful | | Mark 11:20-26Matt Edmundson

We all have obstacles and adversity to deal with - heck, we are in the middle of a pandemic that is affecting us all. So how to do we overcome such things? Well, the standard answer is just to think positively, be optimistic, see the glass as half full..but does that really work? Or does Jesus have some other advice to give us?

Jesus heals a blind man10 May 2020
Some people, a deaf man and JesusMatt Edmundson

Join us as we carry on our journey through Mark's Gospel and take a good look at this incredible miracle that happens to a deaf man

Does Jesus Heal Today Video Cover5 Apr 2020
Does Jesus still heal today?Matt Edmundson

We look at the closing verses of Mark 6, just before Easter. They are incredible verses demonstrating the miraculous ability of Jesus to heal people - which leads us to one key question: does Jesus still heal today?

Gods Strength13 Oct 2019
Resting in God’s strengthMatt Edmundson

Carrying on our Passion series, we look at how God calls us to live a life that is way beyond our strengths and abilities, and then gives us the strength we need to do those very things.