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Catchup on our past Online Services

2120 Time To Say Goodbye Large23 May 2021
Why we should care about the departing words of Jesus?John Harding

John looks at the final story in Mark's Gospel. Jesus is getting ready to head to heaven but before He heads off, he has some departing words for us that are pretty significant!

2119 Big Fairy Tale Large16 May 2021
Did Jesus really rise from the dead or is it all one big fairy tale?Sharon Edmundson

Sharon looks at the resurrection of Jesus and the evidence that surrounds it.

The Funeralof Jesus lg9 May 2021
The Burial of Jesus and why it is ImportantMatt Edmundson

Come and join this week's CROWD Church Livestream as Will takes a look at the burial of Jesus and unpacks why this is important.

End Of J Esus large2 May 2021
Why did Jesus have to Die?Anna Grace Farrington

But why are Christians so fixated on the death of Christ? Isn't it all just a bit...well..gruesome? That's what Anna Grace and the team are getting into this week on the Crowd Chruch Livestream

21 16 Large25 Apr 2021
What do you think about to get through the dark times?Matt Edmundson

We are looking at the difficult topic of the crucifixion of Christ. This was an incredibly dark time for Jesus, a shameful time that He despised. So what did Jesus think about to get through this? What helped him endure? And what are some of the lessons we can learn from this?

18 Apr 2021
Can People Pleasing Ruin Your Life? Why Approval Addiction is a Challenge for us allMatt Edmundson

We are looking at the trial of Jesus and see how people pleasing pleasing caused men to abandon their values, destroyed the leadership of one man and caused hundreds of people to be manipulated in to doing stuff that was fundamentally wrong.