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Alpha Week One Is there more to life than this
Is there more to life than this?Alpha CourseWeek 01

There are questions about life we all share (‘Is this it? Where have I come from? Where am I heading? Who am I? What’s the point of my life? Is there any real meaning and purpose to life?’). There are common objections to / preconceptions about Christianity (it is boring, untrue, irrelevant, dangerous). Alpha is an opportunity to explore these claims, to share what you think, and to explore these questions for yourself.

Week2 Whoisjesus
Who is Jesus?Alpha CourseWeek 02

This session starts by showing the impact that Jesus has had on world history – then seeks to investigate who Jesus is. First, by looking at whether we can be confident that he really existed in history, and then by looking at his own claims about who he was and what he did, and finally assessing whether his claims can be taken seriously.

Why Did Jesus Die?
Why did Jesus die?Alpha CourseWeek 03

Why did Jesus Die? Christians talk a lot about the death of Christ...but why? Why is it so important to the Christian Faith? Isn't it all just a bit morbid? That's what we look at in this week's Alpha Session.

Week04 Cover
How Can I have Faith?Alpha CourseWeek 04

A Christian is a Christ-ian: someone who follows Christ and puts their faith in Him. How that happens varies enormously. For some there is a definite moment; for others, it is a more gradual process. Faith is not a blind leap, but a step based on evidence.

Why And How Should Ipray cover
Why and How Do I Pray?Alpha CourseWeek 05

People pray in all cultures – and everybody prays in crisis. Why do we do that? Does prayer work? Does God answer prayers? Are there specific ways to pray? What are the benefits of praying? We have so many questions about prayer because for many it is a bit of a mystery, so in this session we dig into the topic of prayer.

An Old Bible that is worn
How and Why I should Read the BibleAlpha CourseWeek 06

The Bible is the most popular, powerful and precious book in the world. But what is the Bible? Is it really God's Word? Can we hear God speak through the Bible?

How Does God Guide Us Covere
How does God Guide Us?Alpha CourseWeek 07

In life, we all face decisions, big or small. We are increasingly faced with a vast array of choices and making decisions can be hard. We all need guidance. We are not alone in this life – that there is a God who desires a relationship with us and who also communicates with us and guides us.

Week8 Video Cover
How can I resist evil?Alpha CourseWeek 08

Is there a devil? What would you even believe that he exists? What does it mean in the Lord’s prayer when we are told to pray, ‘Deliver us from Evil’? The Bible talks a lot about good and evil, and intuitively we know that there is a lot of evil in the world. This week we look at the topic of evil and how to resist it.

Week9 Video Cover
Why and How Should I tell Others?Alpha CourseWeek 09

Why do Christians feel the need to 'share the good news' all the time? What's that about? As we are British, surely we shouldn't talk about religion and politics? Well, religion anyway - politics is too much fun at the moment :-) In this week's Alpha Course - we look at this idea of why and how should I tell others.

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Does God Heal Today?Alpha CourseWeek 10

When you read the Gospels, and you see Jesus' life you can't help but notice that there is a lot of miracles following him - especially healings. But was that for just then, or does God actually still heal today? The answer may surprise you...

What about the church?
What about the church?Alpha CourseWeek 11

The church, as an institution, gets a lot of negative press. Some see the church as an organization that abuses people or has some political agenda. This is certainly a different picture than what Jesus drew for His disciples when He described a church that would “prevail against the gates of hell and become the hope for the world.”

Who is the holy spirit
The Alpha DayThe Holy SpiritWeek 12

The Alpha Day is an amazing time for us to come together and take some time to understand who the Holy Spirit is, what He does, why He is so important for our lives, and how we can be filled with the Holy Spirit.